Photos: She Identified As A Dragon, So She Spent Thousands On Plastic Surgery To Make It Happen

In this day and age, people want to be able to be the person they see themselves as. And while the transgender debate has America on edge, one woman has taken the issue even further. Instead of identifying as a gender different than the one assigned at birth, the woman in this story does not identify as a human at all – but a reptile, a mythological flying one to be exact.

Eva Tiamat Medusa lives in Bruni, Texas. And because she is bent on looking like a reptile, she has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and tattoos to make herself appear reptilian. And these images can shock you.

Some modifications Eva has undergone include scale tattoo patterns all over her body, spikes implanted into her head. She had a doctor slice off her nose so she could move her nostrils. Her tongue was forked. And she dyed the whites of her eyes a creepy, reptilian green.

In her days before life as a dragon, she worked as a high-powered vice president in a bank. But now she’s retired from that line of work to spend her days being a reptile.

She now loves to sit out and sun herself. But she still can do anything a human can do obviously.

Her life got off to a rough start. Her family abandoned her when she was kindergarten age. And instead of feeling connected to a human family, she bonded with a western diamondback snake. Since then, she has felt incredibly close to reptiles.

After a fruitful banking career, she was diagnosed with HIV while she lived as a man. Since that day, she has decided to live her dream and become a reptile, as she has always identified.

“For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life. There are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it,” she said.

Eva then described her unique upbringing and how it changed her forever.

“I have two mothers. One is my original birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes.”

When she was diagnosed with HIV, she realized she did not want to die as a human. She hopes her transformation starts a conversation.

“I would like for there to be an open dialogue about the world of body modification and understand what it was like to live as a gay man for 53 years and now as a transsexual woman. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it means.”

Watch the video below to see