This Poor Dog Lived In Filth Its Whole Life, And This Is The Moment It Gets Pet For The First Time

Whenever I hear about a dog that has lived a life without any love, my heart hurts. While the suffering of dogs and cats can make anyone with a heartache from their stories, the pain is even worse when we hear about children in such situations. Thankfully, this story of animal abuse and neglect has a happy ending. But it was a long time coming for this poor pooch who knew nothing of love for most of its life.

The dog, who was rescued, was forced to live his life stuck in a dirty pen. But dirty is an understatement. The dog indeed endured life in utter filth.

In the video below, you’ll meet the dog that was rescued and invited to start a new life at the Dogs Deserve Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, Virginia. Without the heroes at the center, the dog probably would not have made it much longer.

The dog in the video has since healed and is ready to be adopted. Bernard is the dog in the video. And the animal rescue worker was there when he first came into the shelter. He was in bad shape because his owners had refused to give him basic care or any love.

The video shows you how this worker meets the dog where he is. He felt safe inside the crate, so she did not force him out of it and make him step onto unfamiliar ground. Instead, she removed the top of the crate and gently put her open hand out toward the dog so he could smell her and get to know her.

But her plan did not work as well as she had hoped. Bernard leaped out of his crate and ran behind another one to hide. He was horrified. And you would have been too if the only humans you had known throughout your life were cruel and neglectful.

The description of the video on Rumble indicates that it took time for this compassionate woman to build trust with this dog. He was in a bad place when he came to the shelter and needed a lot more care than normal.

“He made his way back into the bottom of the crate. This is where we spent the next 45 minutes. This person decided to turn the camera on so that you all could witness the beginning stage of his recovery process. Her only goal for the day was to let him know that human touch was safe. She was honored and humbled when he moved toward my hand at the end.”

As you watch this clip, you’ll see how tender and kind Bernard is. In his eyes, you can see the pain and suffering he had endured before he made it to the shelter. He has now learned that human touch can be “pretty good” and not only the deliverer of abuse.

Take two minutes to watch this heart-breaking video. You’ll meet an adorable dog and see him on the road to recovery.

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