Put this next to your backdoor to make cooking dinner SO much easier!

I’ve always dreamed of a super simple, easily accessible and manageable herb garden. I’ve tried different methods of keeping them in the past, but they always end up growing into one another, being displayed poorly, or being infested with bugs. This option is appealing, eye-catching, and extremely functional. Now, I can quickly snip, pull or pick the herb I need for my next meal, right outside my back door!


Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $30.00 Difficulty: Easy


stair riser planter garden
– Stair Risers (x2)
– 24″ Plastic Planter Boxes (x3)
– 2×2 Piece of Wood
– 2 Nails
– Hammer
– Potting Soil
– Herb Garden Seeds
– Gloves (Optional, but recommended as the wood is sharp)


stair riser planter garden
Step 1) Lean your stair risers against the wall or surface they’ll be used on.


stair riser planter garden
Step 2) Cut a thin piece of wood approximately 2″ shorter than the length of the planter box. Place it between the two stair risers at the bottom front. No need to place one at the top of the stair risers, as the surface it is leaning on will secure it, if it’s flush against the wall.


stair riser planter garden
Step 3) Hammer a nail through each stair riser into the piece of wood to attach them together.


stair riser planter garden
Step 4) Place one planter box on each step of the stair riser.
Step 5


stair riser planter garden
Step 5) Fill each planter box with potting soil.


stair riser planter garden
Step 6) If you’re creating a vegetable or herb garden like I did, plant your seeds. I did three different herb options across in each planter box to allow for growth.


stair riser planter garden
Step 7) Add popsicle stick labels, so you can remember what you planted before each herb begins to grow.


stair riser planter garden
Be sure to water and ensure they receive some sunlight. Then be patient, and wait for your garden to grow!



Materials I used for this project:

24″ Plastic Planter Boxes (x3)   (Home Depot)

3 – Step Stair Riser (x2)   (Home Depot)

Gorilla Gloves   (Home Depot)

Nails (x2)   (Home Depot)

Hammer   (On-Hand)

Potting Soil   (On-Hand)

Herb Garden Seeds   (Home Depot)

Wood Dowels   (On-Hand)

2×2 Wood Baluster   (Home Depot)