Renting an apartment? Interior designer shares 18 creative ways to decorate your apartment

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When painting your walls is not an option, use room dividers to bring some dimension to your home.

Swap Out Your Light Fixtures

You can create some beautiful ambiance by switching out the ugly fixtures that came with your apartment for something classy. You can put the old ones back before you move out.


Rug on Rug

If the carpet in your rented apartment in nasty and stained you can buy an area rug to plop down over it.

Radiator Covers

Radiators can be super ugly and dangerous. Get yourself a radiator cover to bring a more streamlined look to your home, while also preventing accidental burns. Some of these covers even comes with extra storage.


Decorate Your Doors

Using adhesive tape or reusable wallpaper on your door is a fun way to create a focal or art piece in your home while creating dimension.

Washi Tape

Use some washi tape to create a beautiful removable piece of art on your wall.


Add Stainless Steel


You can give your appliances an updated look with stainless steel contact paper.

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