S-Hooks are so versatile. Here are 15 ways to use S-Hooks to organize and beautify your home

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Did you know that optimal home storage is just an “S” away? Behold the S-hook. They are those s-shaped hooks that allow you to hang to hang just about anything from for neat and tidy storage.

You can basically organize your entire home with s hooks. Every single home in your house has a use for s-hooks. All you need is some inexpensive s-hooks and a curtain or tension rod to hang them from.

Here are some of our favorite s-hook storage hacks. Happy s-hooking!

1) Hang Your Jeans

Jeans are bulky and can take over your closets and drawers. You can prevent this from happening by hanging your jeans via s-hook. It’s a great way to save space in your closets and drawers.

Source: Philippine Watch Club

2) Pots, Pans, Kitchen Utensils

You can make a wall or any flat surface in your kitchen into an instant storage space with some s-hooks by hanging pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils from them.

Source: Viral Homes

3) Cleaning Supplies

If you have grate shelving, you’re already in luck! Just hang your cleaning supplies like a feather duster or dust pan from your s-hook.

Source: houselogic

4) Pocketbooks

S-hooks are also perfect for hanging purses from.

Source: Organize Your Stuff Now

5) Bath Towels

Hang your bath towel to help them dry out after a shower. You can hang them right on your existing shower rod. It’s the perfect solution if you don’t have a towel rack in your bathroom or if you’re using a community shower.

Source: Improvised Life

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