Save your plastic bottles, you’re gonna need them for your garden

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6. Wasp trap
Some sources, like State-By-State Gardening, encourage gardeners to let wasps freely fly around the garden to ward off other pests and increase pollination. But if you’d rather not tempt fate and end up stung, using a utility knife and a stapler, it’s easy to fashion a DIY wasp trap out of a plastic bottle. The wasps enter to get to the solution but struggle to get back out.
7. Plastic scoop
Gardening can be simplified with something as straightforward as a garden scoop. Use it to dig planting holes, or distribute mulch around the plants. Take a vinegar bottle, detergent bottle, or other rigid plastic bottle and carefully cut off the bottom/sides to create your scoop.
8. Fill planters
Garden containers can get really heavy if rocks/pebbles are put at the bottom of the pot to encourage drainage. To keep containers lighter, making them easier to move, fill the bottom of the pot with clean, empty plastic bottles (with the caps on), and then add potting soil to the desired height.
Gardening Know How recommends using plastics with the #1, #2, #4 or #5 label for safety.
9. Hanging bottle planter
Create an eclectic hanging garden by upcycling plastic bottles to use as planters. Remove the bottoms using a sharp utility knife. Decorate with thread, punch holes to use for hanging, and then plant with your favorite plants.
These great ideas reduce plastic waste while creating great garden hacks. Take an empty plastic bottle or two and get crafty, making something useful for your outdoor space!
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