When We Saw What This Homeless Man Had In His Cart, We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes

After a very long day, Alicia was driving home. She took the same highway across Arkansas she took every time she went home. Nothing new ever seemed to come into her life. But on this day, she noticed something bizarre. She sped past an old man riding a bicycle. As she zoomed by, she did a double take. The man was pulling a throng of stray dogs in a trailer behind his bike.

The old man could hardly pedal anymore. He looked malnourished and unkempt. And then Alicia’s heart broke. The man was homeless. But why was he trying to cart along so many dogs when the man needed help himself? Although it went against her instinct, she kept driving. But she promised herself that if she saw the man again, she would do something. And then she did.

“God must have put this man on that road at that time for a reason because as I was returning to town, I saw him,” she wrote on Facebook.

Alicia knew that she was meant to do something with this man. So with no clue where to start, she pulled her vehicle over, opened her door, and leaned against it. She stroked her fingers through her hair and started up a conversation. The man immediately showed interest.

As she talked, she learned that the man’s name was Steve. He had been homeless since 2001. And her heart broke as she heard the suffering he had been through. She knew she wanted to do something to help him. But neither Alicia nor Steve had any idea this simple conversation would set off a chain of events that would change both their lives forever.

Ever since Steve lost everything, he dedicated his life to rescuing animals. For fourteen years, he took care of neglected dogs and other animals desperate for some love. And while Alicia spoke to Steve, she learned that he was on a 2,000-mile bike ride to visit his girlfriend. And he had nowhere to sleep.

Alicia wanted to help. She told her mom about Steve and his passion for animals. Together they wrote a Facebook post asking for animal lovers to help. Within two hours, donations flooded in to help Steve and his stray pups. And then Kelley, an animal lover, volunteered to drive Steve and his dogs to their destination in Indiana.

Besides the show of support on social media, Steve was given a motel room, food, and goodies for the dogs in his care.

Through the process, Steve and his girlfriend met animal-lover Angela. She is a heroine who runs an organization designed to help homeless people and their pets. In other words, she was looking for someone like Steve to bless with her charity.

Besides all the support, Alicia also created an online fundraiser. So far she’s raised tens of thousands to help Steve. The money can do a lot of good to help the animals he loves.

Alicia shared a quick note to all her followers.

“If it wasn’t for every single one of you, this man might still be pedaling down the road not knowing what hardship he might hit next.”

What do you think about what Alicia did for this man and the dogs under his care?