Who says you have to throw away your old jeans. You CAN turn them into the coolest wall storage:

I need more storage. Who doesn’t need more storage space? This project solves all my problems in the cutest little way.


People always ask where the inspiration for my crafts come from. The mind of an artist is an intriguing thing; my mind works differently than most. I realized that at a young age when I started taking apart simple household items like curling irons and cassette tapes, just to see how they work. This weeks project came to me while I was thrift shopping. I’m not the thriftiest girl, but I do find tons of inspiration while visiting thrift stores and this time was no different.


I ran across a rack of old denim and knew there had to be a cool craft I could use them for. I purchased a pair then headed to the art store where this idea popped into my head.



denim wall storage
Turn jeans inside out – if jeans are small cut or rip until you have access to entire pocket


denim wall storage
Using marker and your embroidery circle as a guide draw a larger circle around the back pocket of jeans


denim wall storage
Roughly cut out circle


denim wall storage

Loosen embroidery circle by twisting the screw and remove smaller circle

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Place smaller circle under pants around pocket, Place large circle on top of pants around pocket

Carefully work smaller circle into bigger circle – you might need to loosen larger circle a lot

Once in place tighten bigger embroidery circle

Pull pants as tight and taunt as possible in embroider circles


denim wall storage
Cut any access material


denim wall storage


denim wall storage
Hang and use the pockets as storage

Materials I used for this project:

Old Jeans   (Thrift Store)

Embroidery circles   (Michael’s)

Scissors   (99 cent store)

Marker   (99 cent store)

To see more: http://evolvewithmary.com/diy-denim-wall-storage-craftyfridays/