You have to see this genius craft idea that’s made from toilet paper tubes

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9. Toothpick holders (h/t Carolyn’s Homework)
These adorable little toothpick holders will make you want to put your toothpicks out on display! Decorate them with your favorite paper, and feel free to embellish them with whatever other decorations you like.
10. Wreath (h/t Proverbs 31 Life)
Wreaths don’t have to be saved for Christmas, but this one would look great on your front door at any time of year! It’s so elegant that nobody will ever guess you made it using toilet paper rolls.

11. Decorative pumpkin (h/t Domestically Blissful)
These would be the perfect fall centerpiece! The pumpkin in the front is covered with orange glitter, but the one in the back is decorated with pages from an old book. The creative options here are endless!
12. Cord organizer (h/t Our Thrifty Ideas)
Do you hate your cords getting tangled up as much as I do? These cord organizers are the perfect blend of cute and functional! The ones in the image below were decorated with washi tape, but you could use everything from fabric scraps to stickers to paint.
13. Shape stamps (h/t Mama Papa Bubba)
Most of these projects are aimed at adults, but this is a kid-friendly craft that’s perfect for your next rainy day. The little ones will have a ton of fun using these simple stamps, and who knows, you might find a use for them as well!
14. Hanging bird feeder (h/t The Resourceful Mama)
This is such a clever way to feed the birds that visit your yard, and it’s a fun project for all ages! The birdseed is stuck to the toilet roll with peanut butter, and you don’t need anything but a simple piece of string to hang it up.
15. Faux metal mirror frame (h/t Life Of A Star
This is the perfect way to spruce up a simple mirror that doesn’t have a frame! You could trick people into thinking the frame is metal if you paint it black or gold, but it would look good painted whatever color matches your decor.
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