You have to see this woman’s colorful mirror makeover. I’m so copying her idea

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7. Glass pane mirror made from 80s chandelier (h/t Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)
Chandeliers from the 1980s can be found in almost every thrift store, but I’ve never been tempted to buy one until now! This would also be an awesome way to upcycle the old chandelier your grandma gave you… in a way that actually matches your home decor!
8. Knock-off Ballard Designs mirrors (h/t Thrifty And Chic)
These knock-off Ballard Designs mirrors definitely look expensive, but you can actually make them yourself for next to nothing! In fact, its so easy that you might as well make a few for your friends while you’re at it.
9. Color wheel mosaic mirror (h/t Mosaic Works)
Celebrate your artistic spirit with this beautiful color wheel mosaic mirror! This mirror is definitely a statement piece, but if you don’t have the space for something this large, you could easily make a smaller version.
10. Chrysanthemum mirror (h/t Addicted 2 Decorating)
Would you ever have guessed that this mirror was made out of plastic spoons? I wouldn’t have! You can buy colorful plastic spoons online (or maybe even at the dollar store), but if you want this to be a real budget project, you could buy white spoons and paint them yourself.
11. Mirrored vase (h/t Duo Ventures)
You might already have enough mirrors that you love… but you probably have space in your home for this adorable mirrored vase! You could even make a taller version if you can find the right size of mirror!
12. Driftwood starburst mirror (h/t Sustain My Craft Habit)
I always love starburst mirrors, and this driftwood mirror is such a fun, beachy twist on the idea! Even better, you can make it with pieces of driftwood collected for free.
You probably don’t have enough room in your home for every one of these awesome mirrors, but that’s okay! Share this article with your friends on Facebook so they can make the projects you don’t have space for.
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