This Small Log House is For Sale

On look at this small log house for sale and you will see why this adorable $27,000 tiny home is perfect for anyone wanting to downsize. This log house construction is also on wheels so it can be moved to the location of your dreams. This 400 square foot log house on wheels, is the perfect place to call home for anyone who wants to embrace tiny house or log house living. People are quickly realizing that they want to live simpler lives and do what makes them happy, sometimes that is as easy as having a log house to go to. Whether it be for full-time living or use as a vacation home, there is something about log houses that we just can’t resist. It’s nice to see that people are making their way back to a simpler lifestyle, living more meaningful lives. Log house living is all about enjoying a way of life that is a closer to nature, in a home that is made of natural materials. People need more affordable solutions, and this log house design is just one of the options you can consider.

This particular log house design from “Wilderness Cabins” is 400 square feet in size, and is a mobile home that has plenty of space to live and stay comfortably. It would be a great place to start if a person was just starting out, or could be used as a vacation home in the location of your dreams. There is a bedroom on the main floor, living room, a bathroom, and even a loft for storage or sleeping. The great thing about this log house tiny house design is that you make use of every square inch of the log house, making sure no space is wasted. This log house on wheels would be perfect for a couple or a small family of 3. There is also a nice outside porch and lots of great windows to let in natural light. This log house design can sleep up to 8 people, so there is plenty of room for overnight guests. This log house construction is a good example of just one type of log house design you might consider, this one being unique as it is mobile and can be moved to different locations.




This small log house is for sale and is just one of the log houses you will find on the “eBay” site. Log houses and cabins are great because they use all natural building materials to make them. They are long lasting and durable, and they are a great option for housing. Log houses if built properly can pretty much withstand anything mother nature throws at them. This log house comes from “Wilderness Log Cabins” company and is the Wilderness Cabin, 1611 model. Since this log house design is only 400 square feet in size, and on wheels, you won’t have to pay property taxes on it. You will, of course, want first to check into laws in the area which are hope to put the log house. The nice thing is that the wheels on this log house design are hidden, so it looks just like a regular smaller log cabin. But if you wanted to move it somewhere, it would be no problem. You can even choose your fabrics, and finishes when ordering your mobile log house design. All of the finishes look amazing in the photos, and adding a deck, or a porch outside is another option you can consider. This log house design is a great home to get started and to take on living in a smaller log house design. **