Start saving your soda cans so you can copy these 8 amazing ideas

Once you’re done drinking a soda, it’s second nature to toss the can into the trash or recycling bin. However, cans offer a realm of creative possibility, and there are many ways you can repurpose these cans for crafting. Check out some of these amazing ideas that’ll have you rummaging through your recycle bin for cans!
1. Bracelets (h/t Twelve Crafts Till Christmas)
Making jewelry from soda cans is a cinch, and you’ll be amazed at how cute these pieces turn out! Using supplies like ribbons, fabric pieces, and anything you want to decorate them with (try beads and rhinestones!) you can have new jewelry in minutes.
2. Candle holders (h/t Aurelia’s Little Room)
Make funky and colorful candle holders with old cans. This creative craft lets you make a variety of candle holder styles, which look really cute when grouped together.
3. Can coasters (h/t The Idea Room)
Everyone uses coasters, so why not craft some cute coasters out of cans? These are perfect for your patio table or as a summer craft for kids to make, and the coasters turn out adorable!

4. Tea light can (h/t Snapguide)
Create an incredible glowing soda can that makes a cute nightstand light or coffee table candle. You’ll be amazed at what a soda can can do after you finish this unique and beautiful craft!
5. Wreath (h/t Crafts ‘n Coffee)
Take those soda cans and turn them into something really creative; a holiday wreath for your front door! Surprise guests when they’re greeted with a shiny, metallic wreath comprised of solely soda cans!
6. Cookie cutters (h/t My Lovely French)
Don’t have the funds to splurge on new cookie cutters? Don’t worry, you can make endless cutters in a variety of shapes by using soda cans! Cookies were never this cute before!
7. Keychain (h/t Diary of a Crafty Lady)
Make soda cans functional as well as fun with these sweet soda can keychains. Pay homage to your pop of choice with this clever and creative craft.
8. Flowers (h/t Recycled Parts 4 Art)
You’ll never look at a soda can the same again once you see what you can do with one! Make these gorgeous garden flowers using recycled soda cans and brighten up your home.