Stunning garden makeover: From dull and boring to lively and green in 10 steps

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(6) Try a terrarium for the wow factor
Terrariums are such an ‘in’ thing right now, that you can easily buy one at a home and garden store or a nursery near you. Yet, the joy of making one for yourself, choosing your own plants, your own materials, is a joy like no other. Nicole and Max have a fantastic tutorial to make your own balcony terrarium and you can see it right here.
(7) Hide unsightly downspouts, pipes or other imperfections
Not every balcony, however plain, is a picture perfect design success. Some balconies have unattractive downspouts or ugly pipes on display and these certainly clash with all the other pretty things you are doing with your balcony. Trellis netting can work wonders on these areas by beautifying all these unattractive features. Margaret Park has an excellent video tutorialon how to make your own trellis netting.

If you have empty corners that need to be filled up, try some up-cycled pallet boxesJesse from Nine Red has detailed instructions here. Create these antique crate tables and use them to place more plant pots or use them as a side table in the empty corners.
(8) Time to light up the space now
Now you need some statement lamps to give your balcony that inviting glow in the evenings and to make it look great during the day as well. There are countless projects for DIY lanterns and lamps on the internet, so once again, it all depends on your taste.
This birdcage light tutorial shows a DIY project that would put a sparkle in your balcony, be it day or night.
If you have a few mason jars lying around, you can even try this tutorial. Not only do you get to reuse your jars, but you also have elegant yet inexpensive lights for your balcony now.
(9) Now for the soft furnishings
To increase the comfort level of your now dapper balcony, you need soft furnishings. Pillows, cushions, poufs, etc. are a must if you are to get comfortable there. The Sorry Girls have a fantastic video tutorial on how to make your own floor cushions and poufs. The floor cushions can also double up as your sofa base, so that your backside is just as happy with your balcony as you are. Bold, bright colors are really great if your want your balcony to look upbeat and exuberant.
(10) Last but not the least, some special little accents
Now all you need are some finishing touches and your new balcony should be completely swoon-worthy. Try paper windmills, airy wind chimes, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Add that little bit of extra zing. It is this zing that transcends the beauty of your balcony from ordinary to phenomenal.
Popular Mechanics has detailed step by step instructions on how to make your own wind chime.
If you are a lover of paper windmills, you can try Ideal Home’s DIY instructions on how to make them. Windmills add that extra splash of color to your balcony.
So there, your balcony makeover is complete. Did you love it? If you did, please do share this with your friends and family on Facebook.
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