Suspects’ Video Got Leaked. Now They Are Facing Life Sentences For What They Did

In Brazil, a 14-year-old female teenager was almost murdered by a gang of 4 other girls. The other 4 are aged between the ages of 13 to 16. What was the motive? Jealousy – over the romantic attention of a boy! The assault was brutal, and lasted for 4 hours! The suspects now face legal charges of torture and attempted homicide. If found guilty, they are also liable for a 3-year sentence in a juvenile detention facility.

The 4 girls lied to the 14-year-old, inviting her to a ‘party’. After bashing her up, they even dug a hole, preparing her for burial! But they did not expect the victim to escape – she was bound and gagged before getting assaulted with both wooden sticks and even a machete. The trial continues.

Check out this video:

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