Take a look at 3 gorgeous floor plan options for tiny homes

For some, the idea of living in a tiny home may come with a lot of drawbacks. The term “downsizing” might not be as exciting of a concept to one person as it will be to the next, which is why it’s important to pick the home that fits one’s needs and understand that tiny homes are not meant to be restricting, but rather freeing.
An important factor in understanding this notion is to consider the floor plan of a tiny home. Similar to the lifestyle of any tiny-home dweller, the floor plans of these smaller abodes are strategic. Any tiny-home resident will tell you that every item within the home has its place, which means that clutter is cut out and the idea of clean, intentional living is brought in.
The same goes for floor plans. While the layout of a tiny home is obviously much smaller than that of a regular-sized home, the floor plans are designed in a way conducive to feeling open as opposed to cramped. Every room matters and has a function within the home, but there is also opportunity for owners to make the space what they want of it.
To give you an idea of these versatile layouts, here are three floor plans designed for the tiny-home lover. Take a look at all three and then tell us your favorite!
1. Bodega featured on Houseplans
The Bodega is a 261-square-foot cottage that sprawls onto a single level complete with bathroom, kitchen and even a fireplace.
According to Houseplans, this floor plan also comes with the option to add on a bedroom and/or full loft.
2. Whidbey featured on At Home Arkansas
This charming home sits at 557 sq. ft. and boasts large closets and ample space for light to come in, as described on Houseplans.
This particular model features two bedrooms, but the layout also comes with the option to include only one bedroom, cutting the structure down to 461 sq. ft.
3. Harbinger featured on Houseplans
This tiny home is the picture of quaint. The Harbinger stretches to 404 sq. ft. and touts a unique floor layout that presents several options for dwellers.
As evidenced in the floor plan below, one of the features of the Harbinger is the alcove in the front of the house. According to Houseplans, this area can be used for sitting or sleeping as it is large enough to fit a queen-sized bed within the space.
Which one of these floor plans was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!