Teacher Forced 8-Year-Old To Urinate In Class, Then Made Him Wear A Trash Bag Over Soiled Clothes

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Mongol is worried that her son will have serious trauma surrounding this incident for the rest of his life.

Many people are shocked and demanding change and a reformation of these ridiculous bathroom rules.


Mongol’s son was repeatedly turned away by teachers, and even the school nurse.

There seems to be a significant lack of compassion towards someone who is, essentially, just a kid.

If we don’t expect adults to hold in their urine, why are we expecting young children to?

It is clear that these teachers and even staff members do not particularly care about the students in their care if they continue to treat them this way.

According to Latricia Mitchell, an LA teacher who is now retired, explained that school rules are allowed to deny bathroom privileges to their students because many kids choose to misuse that privilege, skipping out of class too often to avoid turning in homework or sitting in class.

With that being said, Mitchell states clearly that teachers should be able to tell when something is wrong – and if they don’t, they definitely shouldn’t punish a child for their own errors in judgment.

After a long time of waiting, the LA Unified School District board released their statement regarding the incident.

The statement said that they took the issue seriously and reported it to law enforcement, who they have cooperated with.

It is also reported that the teacher who dressed Mongol’s son in a trash bag is not working at the school any longer, no work is out about whether or not further action will be taken.

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