Teen Was Dead For 20 Minutes Before Being Revived. Here’s What He Claims Jesus Said To Him

A Texas teenager collapsed on the school track during a PE class and suffered cardiac arrest. After 20 minutes without a heartbeat, he was revived, and he claims he died and saw Jesus. Now, people are listening to sixteen year old Zach Clements as he shares a fantastic story of dieing and meeting Jesus Christ. Even the local news is broadcasting his story of a miracle. You have to here him tell the story himself.

By all accounts, sixteen year old Zach Clements has had a profound experience.

The student at Victory Life Academy in Brownsville, Texas was, by any measure, a normal and healthy young man in the making. He had moderately good grades, played on the school football team, the “Warriors”, and had a great sense of humor.

But then last week, while running laps during PE class, he collapsed. First responders worked on him as they rushed him to the emergency room. He had gone into cardiac arrest and his heart stopped beating for almost twenty minutes. Doctors at the hospital were just about to stop attempting to revive him when he suddenly, and some say miraculously, regained consciousness.

But shortly after, he began to tell a story of something even more “miraculous”: while unconscious, Zach claims he was greeted by a bearded man with long curly hair. Zach says he instantly knew he was in the presence of Jesus Christ, and that the man put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and reassured him that everything would be alright.

Since being reported by the local television news station, his story has stirred up a huge number of comments on the internet, with people saying things like:

“Jesus becomes a reality when you show faith. God wants your faith and you find the creator by giving your life to Jesus. I was a Buddhist for 20years until Jesus woke me up. My life now is beyond words. Comes to Jesus who died On a cross to save us. He is a living reality.”- One Tru God

“So many see Jesus Christ because he is Alive and the one and True Living God.”- Taylor Kara

“Praise Jesus!!! Thank you Lord for protecting my brother in Christ and returning him to his family. Thank you Jesus!”- Beau Truex

“Wow beautiful story I love you Jesus I praise you and I worship you forever my lord.”- Alexi Gonzales

Of course, a claim this outrageous, with no substantial evidence, has also stirred a lot of skepticism from many people as well, ranging from healthy objectivity to the downright hostile..

“In this video Zack says Jesus had a kinda thick beard, but in the other video of him still in the hospital bed, Zack said Jesus had long hair and no beard. So which is it Zack?”- Anon.

“The fact that the news reported it is a miracle.”- John Fast

“This doesn’t even make sense. He died during 20 min and just woke up days later, so what he saw was all dreaming during those days, not the fucking 20 min he died. He wouldn’t fucking know the difference between being dead and sleeping, he was unconscious. You must be really stupid to actually believe this crap.”- Moonbeeps

So what do you think? Is this kid’s experience profound but personal, or did he actually see Christ? Share your thoughts with us here.