Think outside the “pot” and copy these unique planting ideas

Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners for a myriad of reasons. Being able to constantly rearrange containers and move them wherever your heart desires is incredibly appealing, and makes gardening overall easier as well.
It also means the ability to add an extra creative element to the landscape/yard. These unique ideas for planting containers add a pop of color and/or whimsy to your garden space while giving your plants and flowers a home.
1. Gutter pieces (h/t Goods Home Design)
Plastic gutter pieces can be used to make a fantastic hanging planter. Cap the ends, drill drainage holes, and use chain or steel cable to hang.
2. Hanging shoe organizer
Mount a sturdy metal rod to the side of a shed, your house, or even the deck making sure it is secure and sturdy enough to handle the weight of soil/plants. Fill the pockets of a hanging shoe organizer with potting soil, planting seeds or plants in the pockets, and then hang from the metal rod to create a wall of plants.
3. Tin cans
Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of clean, tin cans. Paint in fun colors using outdoor spray paint and then use as creative potting containers. Vary sizes/heights to create a unique planting display.

4. Kitchen strainers
No need to drill drainage holes when you use kitchen strainers for planting containers! Hang them using metal chain, or set them on the ground or deck/patio depending on your design layout. Both plastic and metal strainers can be spray painted to add bursts of color.
5. Lunchbox
Add some whimsy to your space with an adorable lunchbox planter! A coat of outdoor paint keeps the metal from rusting while incorporating extra color.
6. Tires (h/t The Spruce)
Old tires make great planting containers when they’re no longer usable on carts/wagons/vehicles. Keep them from becoming an eyesore in the yard or garage by lining them with burlap or other feed bags, and filling with potting soil to create an eccentric focal piece in the garden. According to The Spruce they are find for short term veggie plantings, but can be dangerous if the rubber starts to degrade.
7. Toy truck
When that vintage toy truck can no longer be pushed through the sandbox, or along the sidewalk, turn it into a fun planter! Add some drainage holes, and some rock to the bottom of the bed, then fill with potting soil and plant your plants in it. Perfect for reminiscing of your kids’ younger days.
8. Washtub
Add some rustic charm to your porch or patio with this fantastic washtub planter! Keep it original, or paint it with spray paint or chalkboard paint to add some whimsy to the planter. Perfect for your cute annuals that adorn the garden through the summer.
9. Milk crate
The charm of whiskey barrels with a farmhouse feel, using old wooden milk crates for planters is a perfect idea for your garden. Openings between the slats will allow the water to drain, and handles make the container easy to move when needed.
Add some creativity and color to your container garden with these great “outside the box” planting ideas. Just add draining holes, some potting soil and your plants!
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