Think twice before passing off an old chair. Here are 10 ways to repurpose them

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Whether you choose to transform an old kitchen chair into something completely new, or you decide to simply refurbish it and breathe a little life into a tired old piece of furniture, you’ve got to check out these inspiring project ideas!
1. Dog bed
If you’ve got a furry friend in your life, we can’t think of many better uses of an old chair than transforming it into a doggy bed. It’s both functional and cute!
2. Map chair
With a little Mod Podge and a vintage map, you can transform a boring old chair into an inspirational sitting piece for a nursery or living room!
3. Tree bench
This project, from Too Inspired to Sleep, is genius! See how they transformed a set of regular old kitchen chairs into a stunning wrap-around tree bench similar to ones that sell for thousands of dollars!
4. Woven seat
Next time you see a seriously dilapidated chair at a thrift store, pick it up! That’s right – Sincerely Kinsey has a seriously inspiring transformation that’ll make you warm up to even the most sorry looking chairs!
5. Geometric design
If you go ga-ga for modern decor, we think you’ll love these ultra chic chairs that have been given a simple makeover with a little paint. Don’t forget the painter’s tape to get that nice, crisp line!
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