And You Thought YOUR View Was Beautiful

If you are looking to enjoy the ultimate log cabin retreat, you will be amazed at the Majestic Wonder of the Timber Tops Luxury log cabin rentals. These log cabin rentals are some of the nicest log cabins you will find, with stunning views of the Smoky Mountains, hot tubs, and a log cabin that even has a movie theater room. You’ll find luxury log cabins with covered outdoor patios with mountain views, stunning stone fireplaces, comfy furniture and all that you will need to enjoy some luxury time away from it all. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in the log cabin of your dreams, you have stumbled upon the right place!

Have you ever wanted to stay in a log cabin with the ultimate scenic views? If so, we’ve found just the place for you. This log cabin rental company located in Sevier County goes well beyond the expectations of their guests and owners with a variety of properties to discover and rent. The choices of log cabins to rent are clean, well maintained and appealing, and might just be the nicest log cabin rentals you will find in the Smoky Mountains area. If you are a guest at one of these amazing log cabin rentals, you will receive courteous, attentive and prompt service that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied, and sure to visit again. The owners of Timber Tops Luxury log cabin rentals are well organized and passionate about the log cabins they own and the service they provide.



You will want to take a look at some of these luxury log homes and log cabin designs, which don’t miss a detail, inside or out. It’s enough that they are in one of the most scenic locations in America, but on top of that the log cabins are stunning log cabin builds that you will be talking about for long after your stay. There are even log cabins that are decorated for Christmas! Can you imagine spending Christmas in the Smoky Mountains with scenic views of the snow covered mountains, while sipping hot chocolate from your outdoor log cabin patio? It doesn’t get much better than that. There is just something about log cabins and the holidays that seem to go hand in hand, mix in the snow covered mountains and trees, and you have the ultimate holiday.

When you think about log home living, you often think about forests, mountain views, and nature inspired themes. That is because log homes and log cabins just fit in naturally in these types of locations. With their use of natural materials of logs, and stones in their build, and the choice of natural locations, the two just fit together perfectly. Today more than ever you will find log home designs and log cabin designs raising the bar even higher than they have in the past. With rustic, contemporary and modern design elements and log home designs, log homes just keep getting better and better (if that is even possible). That is not to say that the little rustic log cabin that you spent summer vacations in is without its charm. A rustic log cabin in the woods is, and can be just as special because it’s the memories that you have in each place that tie you to it. A rustic log cabin, with exposed rustic beams, and weathered wood, is just as beautiful decorated with quilts and pillows, with its wood stove in the corner, as is a large sized contemporary styled log home on the mountainside, they are each unique and hold something dear to its own. We will always love log homes, no matter where they are.