A Tiny Eco-House That Blends In

A space that is continuous with the outdoors, the Thoreau’s Cabin tiny home design is an inspiring 375 square foot tiny houses design that can be found in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This beautiful tiny house building is inspiring with an entire corner that opens up with sliding walls to an outdoor deck. Designed by CC Studio, the home is a great example of how tiny house design plans can make use of the surrounding property, the building materials and the tiny home design and combine them to make a tiny home design that is unique.

This stunning tiny home design compliments the location that it sits, and the location compliments the tiny house design. The exterior of the tiny house design is green which blends in with the home’s forest surroundings. Inside the tiny home design, wood covers the walls, floors and is used for most of the cabinetry throughout the home as well which also lends to the natural style of the home. There are also plenty of windows to view the surrounding forest bringing the outdoors in. A wood stove in the middle of the open tiny home design offers up cozy nights and provides heat on cool days for this tiny home.

They’ve kept everything including the decor very minimal which is helpful in a small space. This allows the space to speak for itself and to allow all of the details in the construction to shine through. For example, the skylight in the kitchen which allows light to filter in through the surrounding trees above. There is also the wood storage space that’s conveniently located above the fireplace which allows for more space on the floor. The kitchen area is tucked into one side and corner of the home with just the necessities. Since it’s just a cabin, they just have the basics including a sink and an electric range. There is also a nice little table with two chairs to eat at or to work at if need be. While you don’t see a bedroom, an air mattress could easily be set up in the living room area and could be used as both a bed and a sofa for lounging. The large open space offers a multifunctional area where the owners could use the space as needed.

It seems these days that tiny house design plans are more popular than ever before. With all sorts of tiny house design plans from beach shacks, cob cottages and tiny log cabins and more. People from across the world have been living in and calling tiny houses design home since the beginning of time. Now more than ever, you can find a wide variety of unique small house plans, styles, and sizes of tiny house designs from rustic to modern, tiny houses on wheels to yurts. A tiny home like this one could also work to be a nice full-time home as well if it was outfitted to be a permanent residence. Could you live in this tiny house in the middle of the forest?