The Totally Luxurious Northwest Haven Tiny House

The Northwest Haven tiny house building is a luxurious design created by Portland-based Tiny Heirloom. The 24-foot tiny house on wheels has an open floor plan with high end finishes throughout. The Northwest Haven has French doors that lead into the tiny house design from the fold up cedar deck and awning. The kitchen in this tiny house building features a large farm sink, concrete kitchen countertops, an apartment size refrigerator, and a 24-inch four-burner electric range. The bathroom has an RV flushing toilet, a full tile shower, and a large vanity bathroom sink with concrete countertops. The Northwest Haven also includes a custom-built dining table, solid bamboo floors, a propane space heater, and a secondary sleeping/storage loft. The Northwest Haven tiny house on wheels is listed at $97,000.

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Taking your tiny home with you wherever you may sound like a dream come true. The idea of a nomadic lifestyle where have the freedom to experience different places and communities is appealing to many people these days, which is why small house living is more popular than ever before. A tiny house on wheels is a great investment for anyone who has a carefree sort of approach to life, for anyone who does not want to be tied down to just one place. Living on the road in a tiny house isn’t anything new really, as people have been embracing the nomadic lifestyle for centuries. Some people have continued with this style of living, and find comfort being on the road, with the possibility of being able to explore new places and sights. Living in a tiny house brings a sense of a home to people who move around for work too. This means not having to sell your house or give up your rental just because your job is moving locations. A tiny house building is a great way to gives a sense of familiarity and comfort wherever you go.

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Building a tiny house building is an extensive process to undertake, and is not for the faint of heart, but is becoming more and more approachable as the tiny house movement gains headway and more people undergo small house living. There is still a lot of a gray area when it comes to building a tiny house building, and depending on what community or city that you live in, there may not even be laws for tiny house designs in place yet. Many tiny house owners choose to fly under the radar in locations that have stricter laws and building codes and are at the mercy of their neighbors. If a tiny house building gets too many complaints in an area where they don’t allow accessory dwelling units, the tiny house could be deemed unlivable. That being said, the laws are changing quickly to accommodate the growing number of people who are choosing to live in tiny house designs permanently.





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If you are considering building a tiny house on wheels, it’s a good idea to check with your local city bylaws and see what the rules regarding tiny houses or accessory dwelling units are.

This Story was Inspired By: Tiny Heirloom