How to use bungee cords in efficient, facilitating ways

Most people think of the bungee cord as simply a way to secure items when traveling. They’re great for making sure nothing escapes from an open-air bed of a trailer or keeping bikes and other lighter vehicles in place, but using them around the house to spiff up the place? No way! Pictured below are five great ideas for the bungee cord which comes in a multitude of different colors so you can pick the ones that best go with your decor.

First up is a rack to hang miscellaneous items on. If balls tend to escape and bounce around in the bedrooms or garage, making a ball box is simply a matter of creating a top and bottom frame and stretching the bungee in between to keep those bouncy buggers in. Trim down a bungee, cut off its ends and drill some holes in a piece of cork, and you can create some really nifty ties for securing electrical cords, jump ropes or other miscellaneous items.
If you’ve ever tried to eat outside with a tablecloth when the wind is blowing, then you can appreciate how great having a bungee cord to keep the tablecloth on the table would be. Simply hook the bungee at one end of the table and stretch to the other end and hook. Lastly, the stretchy device can be used to organize other cords or ropes.
Off the Grid, which points out that the bungee cord has been an irreplaceable piece for Americans since World War I, suggests some more rugged and less conventional uses for the device. If you don’t have a belt or suspenders, you can thread a bungee through your belt loops to act as a belt. The cord can even be used in constructing emergency shelters, for fishing or for keeping a magazine in place on a pistol or rifle. 
If you want to stay on the grid and a little more practical, Wisebread offers a few more ideas for this stretchy device. If you have trouble with skunks, opossums or other animals getting into your garbage, stretch a couple of bungee cords over the lid of your can, and that will help keep the animals from opening the can. The bungee can also be great for keeping grocery bags upright in the back of the car. Last, but definitely not least, instead of spending lots of money on resistance bands for exercise, bungee cords can be used in their place.
The number of uses for these cords is downright amazing. They’re good for everything from tying down stuff in trailers to decorating to holding up pants to exercising. Bungee cords may have made their entrance at WWI, but they won’t be making an exit any time soon.

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