How To Use Sugru At Home

This video is bound to make your life a little bit easier. We haven’t seen such a creative thing for a while. There are endless possibilities you can go with it. Sugru is not your regular clay but a innovative super glue. Every crafty person should have one at home.

What is Sugru? Sugru is actually a new type of super glue. It is mold-able and easy to work with. You can shape it to whatever shape you desire, after 12 hours, it will turn into a smooth, harden, yet flexible rubber-like material that will not budge. The physics of this material is simple. Sugru reacts to oxygen. It starts to harden once it is exposed to air. Since it take 12 hours to fully harden, it gives you enough time to shape it. Sugru can attach to pretty much anything and any type of surfaces.

Apparently Sugru is going to change how we work in many different ways. You can use it to do so many different things: sealing holes in your shoes, making toothbrush hooks, customize your keys, and a lot more.

Watch the video demo and read what other happy users are saying about using Sugru for their home now!