Watch What Happens When An Illegal Immigrant Is Confronted By The Police And Asked To Leave

There is a new video circulating the internet that has people on both sides of the political divide in an uproar. In the video, a young woman confronts an immigration officer. Things become very heated, and before long, she is doing something that she ought not to do to any police officer. The young woman has lifted her hand and slapped the officer after he challenged her for overstaying her visa.

Immigration is a hot button issue in the United States right now. As President Trump tries to push through a border wall and get taxpayers to fund it, opponents believe that a wall would not solve the problems. The majority of illegal drugs coming into the country are smuggled in at ports of entry, not wide open spaces in the middle of the Southwestern desert. Most illegal immigration occurs by people coming into the country legally and then overstaying their visa. Only an insignificant percentage of immigrants hop over a wall down south and run on foot into the country. A wall would not stop most of these problems.

The video included below showcases a heated moment between an immigration official and a young woman who has overstayed her visa. Issues like this happen not just in the United States but throughout the world.



The video shows the woman masterfully evading arrest. She is able to slip out of the handcuffs again and again. She just does not want to be taken into custody for violating her stay in the country.

The video has been shared all over the internet including YouTube and the social-sharing site Reddit.

One Reddit reader shared the following remark about the woman’s arrest.

“This arrest happened because she repeatedly failed to attend a court hearing regarding what I assume was the slapping incident. She was supposed to receive a one-year prison sentence, but it got downgraded to six months. I’m more surprised she stuck around in Bali after all this time.”

Other people shared comments on YouTube. The following were some of the most popular ones.

“She got six months in prison for this. And the British media is describing her as ‘British.’ She may have a British passport (we give them out like we are throwing confetti at a wedding), but she is NOT British,” the commenter claims.

Some viewers worried that the woman might be suffering from a mental health condition.

“Someone please get her into a mental health facility once she finishes her sentence. She is obviously suffering from some serious mental health problems.”

One woman from the country where this occurred wrote the following: “She is not mentally sick. She has a very bad temper. She keep yelling bastard to police & jaksa. Jaksa asking politely to come to court. Jaksa is prosecutor in court.”

“This woman is an example of no respect for authority these days. I am happy that she got sentenced in Indonesia where 6 months sentence means six months. In the UK she would have gotten off scot-free.”

What do you think about this woman’s behavior when confronted by the officer?

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