Who Knew These Aluminum Foil Secrets, and Why Didn’t They Tell Me?

Aluminum foil. It’s a staple product for any home kitchen. We use it to line bake ware, to cover dishes, and to seal leftovers. It can be used in science experiments, for cleaning aids, and for lifehacks. Did you know a ball of aluminum foil made a good substitute for a dryer sheet? Aluminum foil is an essential element in every home and in every kitchen, and everyone uses it—from expert to amateur.

So you have a nice role of aluminum foil. It’s the perfect size for what you need, but when you go to pull it out of the box, the whole roll falls out. And you know you can’t just roll it neatly back up. The clean flat metal sheet gets all crinkled and uneven the second it leaves that machine-created roll. And don’t forget how trying to tear a sheet off while its trying to come out of the box is a real pain too. However, there is a simple, easy, and built-in way to keep this from happening that has been right in front of you all along. Watch the video to find out what it is.

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