Woman Who Hunts Down Rare Black Giraffe Has Just Been Hit With A Dose Of Karma

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One person commented that karma should be swift and merciless.

African Digest shared the photo on their Twitter animal rights page with a caption calling TTT a “white American savage” and part “Neanderthal.”

They even wrote that her actions were enabled by “South African stupidity.”

Again, those commenting didn’t hold back their outrage as they wished torment, loneliness, guilt, and shame upon her for her inhumane acts.

Other media sources have since offered profiles of TTT and issued pleas for the South African government to stop people like her from butchering Africa’s wildlife in these trophy hunts.

One media outlet wrote a moving plea to the public, too, saying that if the wildlife couldn’t be cared for by the government, then the people should take the responsibility for the wildlife, resources, lands, and continent against pillage.




With the media and public backlash, TTT has since set her social media accounts to private.

Her photos can’t be seen and comments can’t be left. It seems karma has turned full circle to make the hunter now the hunted.

Trophy hunting has been banned in some African countries, but it remains more active than ever in many others.

With each day, these oblivious countries lose crucial components to their wildlife populations.

Other countries, such as France and Australia, have taken their own actions to curtail African trophy hunting by banning the importation of trophy game.

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