Woman’s Pasta-Straining Hack Is Making People Question Everything They Know About Cooking

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The photos show a pot of pasta boiling on the stove, then a wacky straining technique.

strainer hack

This technique flips the strainer upside-down and places it base-first in the pot.

From there, all that’s left to do is pour the water out — and the pasta stays in the pot!

pasta pot

Everyone who has seen the Tweet has been shocked by this pasta-straining technique.

One person wrote, “Dawg. Been doing this wrong for years.”

pasta comments

“That’s genius,” someone else wrote.

Yet another person wrote, “D*mn. You learn something new every day.”

cooked spaghetti

A few people were a bit confused by the hack, though.

“Okay but not all of them are going to fit perfectly like that,” wrote one woman.

Others doubted that they would be able to pull off the clever hack.

One user posted this picture of pasta in the drain and noted, “This would be me.”

Other people started wondering how the person in the photos did this without burning their fingers on the pot or steam!

After all, anyone who has ever boiled pasta knows that the most challenging part is dumping out the hot water and avoiding backsplash.

Still others pointed out that there’s actually such a thing as a pasta pot that works just like this hack.

These pots are specially designed with inserts so that it’s easy to drain out the water once your pasta is cooked.

spaghetti plate

Would you try this funky pasta-straining technique?

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