Worst I’ve Ever Seen’: Man Posts Images Of Horrific Sun Burn (Photos)

On his Twitter feed for June 19, Greg Binnie uploaded some shocking pictures of his sunburn. You would have thought that it wasn’t a big deal – maybe the man simply forgot his sunscreen while out in the sun? After all, how bad could it be? However, Greg’s pictures have proved us wrong – it looks incredibly painful!

Greg also suffered for a straight 48 hours in agony, unable to work as his back started to show some serious blistering from all the scorching in the sun!

Image Credit: N/A

As shown below, Greg suffered second degree burns after a day’s work! He also warns others in his social media post to always put on some sunscreen – as it could save your skin from sustaining any unwanted burns!

Image Credit: N/A

Who would have thought that some landscaping work would have caused Greg’s skin to become like this? Never underestimate the extent of sun damage people – it is unfortunately, mostly irreversible and your skin could take ages to recover from such a state!

Image Credit: N/A

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